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Any good shoot starts with knowing your environment... at lease we think so.  Come familiarize yourself with our amenities with a guided.  We are confidant that you will find tremendous value in what we have to offer.


  • 2 Hr Studio Rental / 2 Strobes included +15 Minute reset time Price: ...

    150 Canadian dollars
  • 3 Hr Studio Rental/ 3 Strobes included +15 Minute reset time Price: $...

    215 Canadian dollars
  • 5 Hr Studio Rental / 3 Strobes included +15 Minute reset time Price: ...

    385 Canadian dollars
  • 8 Hr Studio Rental / 4 Strobes included +15 Minute reset time Price: ...

    540 Canadian dollars
  • Full day studio Rental / up to 6 strobes included Price: $765.00 + Tx

    765 Canadian dollars


It is the renter's responsibility to:


  • Notify the Studio Manager no less than 24 hours in advance of any cancellation. If 24 hours notice is given, rental time can be rescheduled but not refunded.                              

  • Understand that doors to the building are never to be left open under any circumstances. 

  • Never leave the studio nor its equipment unattended at any time. 

  • Take good care of the studio, avoid any modification to the space and shall restore the studio to its original condition upon completion of rental. 

  • Assume liability for any damages caused to the studio and its equipment by the renter, its agents, and employees, and to report unsatisfactory state of the space to

  • Assume liability for cleaning or repair costs required as a result of the renter’s use of the studio. Shoot Me Now HQ will invoice the renter for related costs. 

  • Vacate the space immediately after the rental period.

  • Move equipment and props with care so they are not in any way damaged. 

  • Limit the number of people on the premises to the photographer and his/her clients unless other agreements have been made with the studio management.  

  • Agree that the studio space will not be used for anything except professional photography/makeup and/or videography purpose. If another use is intended for the space, please advise studio management prior to booking.

  • Inform the studio management if last-minute overtime shooting is required. We however cannot guaranty that the schedule will allow for overtime booking.

  • Pay supplemental cleaning fees when the renter brings in pets; uses glitter, snow fluffs, and other props that require extra cleaning.

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